The Beginning of the End

And so it begins. The end I mean. Yes, I truly believe that the Supreme Court’s decision today marks the beginning of the end for this once-great nation. It is true that we have been on this path for some time now, but to shake your judicial activist’s fist in the face of Holy God and decree that His first-created institution, marriage, is something to be toyed with…. The “law of the land” has just finalized our positioning as a nation in the most devastating game of chicken ever. You remember the game, I’m sure — where drivers race toward each other at high speed only to see who will be the first to turn away. I feel that all three branches of our government have just challenged God, and I guarantee you that He will not turn away.

The Old Testament speaks a great deal about “cups/bowls of iniquity.” The idea is that God has some great container into which the sins of a nation are deposited. While the bowl is filling, God is patient, and as a loving God He is sending His messengers to the people of that nation begging them to return to Him. As the bowl grows more full, He sends disciplinary actions to get their attention. Sometimes it is financial difficulty. Sometimes it is a natural disaster. Perhaps an attack by ungodly people. Maybe an epidemic or two. God can and does use anything to get their attention. You see this all throughout the Old Testament. Sometimes the people responded. They cried out in repentance. God forgave their sin and healed their land. Other times they continued to shake their fists in God’s face declaring that they no longer needed Him. And when the bowl began to overflow, His judgment poured down. His wrath was released. And the people were no more. It happened to the Canaanites. The Moabites. The Assyrians. The Syrians. The Israelites. The Judahites. There are many others in the Old Testament, but there are many more in the history books. Every nation that has turned away from God has suffered His wrath.

For some time now, I and many other preachers have proclaimed that God was trying to get our attention. We have witnessed financial calamity, natural disasters of biblical proportions, terrorist attacks, horrible diseases, etc. Every once in a while, there is a slight repentance, and God responds as He promises. But we have continued down the slippery slope heading faster and faster into the abyss of immorality and godlessness. Today’s decision by our Supreme Court may very well have been, in my opinion, the sin that has caused the bowl of our iniquity to overflow. God’s wrath is coming. I know it. The signs are clear. You may not believe in the blood moons that drew everyone’s attention for a little while. You may not accept the teaching of the Shemitah — perhaps you consider all of the disasters that have accompanied God’s timetable as coincidental. (For more details, Google Jonathan Cahn’s teaching on the Shemitah.) But know this. God has always been faithful to His Word. What He says, He does. He has promised to judge the nations for their sin, and if the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah were enough to cause Him to rain fire and brimstone from heaven, the sins of the United States of America will surely draw His wrath.

When we heard the announcement of the Supreme Court’s decision, my heart skipped a beat. I couldn’t breathe. I felt sick at my stomach. I believe a righteous indignation/holy anger filled my heart. My thought was, “How can this world be so stupid?” And literally, God spoke to me. No, I didn’t hear an audible voice, but in my heart, I heard Him say, “The god of this world has blinded their eyes.” Satan has deceived them with his lies. They have given in to doctrines of demons, seduced by the pseudo-sciences of our day. They do not know the truth. So how do we respond as Christians? With love. With truth. With a lifestyle of holiness that says, “I will obey God no matter what.” We must continue (and for some of us that means that we must begin) to be the salt and the light that Jesus said that we are. We must keep proclaiming the Word of God, demonstrating the love of God, and living in the power of God so that the world will see that our only hope is through faith in Jesus Christ our Lord.

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