A Dog in this Fight!

Yesterday, I shared with you why I feel so strongly about the issue of same-sex marriage. I focused more on the individual aspect – the need to reach lost people with the gospel of Jesus Christ regardless of their sin. Please understand, if you wrongly call me a “hater” because I stand on God’s Word in opposition to homosexuality, then you must call me a “hater” toward those who participate in any sin. But I do not hate anyone. I can honestly tell you that there is absolutely zero hatred for any person on planet Earth. And that is not just because I am commanded by God to love people. I simply do not hate because my life has been transformed by the love of God through faith in Jesus.

If I did hate homosexuals or adulterers or murderers or liars or thieves, it would be much easier to just stay silent. If I don’t condemn their lifestyle of sin, there is no reason for them to dislike me (and remember from yesterday, I like to be liked.) My level of conflict would be on par with Joel Osteen who condones everything, and I could live in a mansion just like him. Now add to that the fact that if I did hate sinful people, I would just keep my mouth shut and let them stay lost in their sins and experience an eternity in hell.

I was told several months ago that I should keep my mouth shut about same-sex marriage because it doesn’t affect me at all. I should just live and let live. The problem with that concept is that it is completely erroneous. This issue does affect me and my family. As I mentioned in a previous post, when nations rebel against God by legalizing sinful behavior, they put themselves in line for judgment to come. The Bible promises that God will judge nations for their sin, and history reveals that statement to be true. When that judgment comes, every person in the country that God judges will suffer. Even Christians will face great hardships, and we should since we have not been the salt and the light that we are supposed to be. Whether God chooses to judge us through war, drought, famine, economic collapse, or a host of other methods, everyone will find life more difficult than ever before. So, yes, this decision affects me.

That is not the worst of it. No, I do not wish to live through any of the above, but I will gladly endure the judgment of God because it is through judgment that He purifies His people. What concerns me the most is the changes that will take place in our society that will affect my grandchildren. Schools will be forced to teach homosexuality as a normal lifestyle, so we will either have to allow our children to be exposed to this or take them out of the public schools. But I predict it won’t be long before home-schools and Christian schools will be outlawed. I have no doubt that eventually churches and Christian pastors will be forced to stop preaching the truth of God’s Word and to host and perform same-sex marriages. All you have to do is look at every other nation that has taken this course. So, yes, this decision does affect me and my family.

And folks, all of us should be concerned by the decisions of the Supreme Court justices to begin rewriting laws in the way they believe the Congress intended them to be written. From this point forward, every Supreme Court justice will view this as a precedent that allows them to redefine every aspect of our nation. What will they choose to tackle next? Only God knows, and only He can help us!

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