Have Mercy? Probably Not! #TraditionallySouthside

There has been a lot of talk lately about end-times prophecies and the last days. In fact, I’ve been doing a lot of the talking. At Southside, I am preaching a series of messages focused on Jesus’ teachings in Matthew 24 and how it relates to the last days. We have also been doing a lot of talking about Mark Biltz’ teachings about the blood moons and Jonathan Cahn’s teachings about the shemitah. I am not convinced that Mark Biltz has proven his point, but I do think there is something significant going on with these eclipses taking place on Jewish holy days. I think that it would be just like God to give us a sign through His created universe that He was about to do something big. But the shemitah stuff, there is just too much there for it to be coincidental. However, there is something that I want to point out that both of these teachers have stated over and over again: God doesn’t have to do anything based on these teachings. But I will be greatly surprised if He doesn’t.

Here is what is going on in my heart and mind. I pray every day, “Even so, Lord Jesus, come!” I long for the day of Christ’s return to claim His Bride, the Church. I believe that it will happen soon. But I also believe that before it does, we are going to see God’s judgment poured out on this nation. I know. I know. You’ve heard this and read it all before, but I’m telling you, if God doesn’t do something to discipline the United States of America, He will not be consistent with His character of holiness, and that is impossible. When, as a nation, people get more upset over the death of a lion than they do with Planned Parenthood selling body parts from aborted babies, we have reached a depth of depravity unknown in Bible days. Not only should our government immediately cut all funds to this evil organization, but also they should prosecute the individuals involved in this atrocity. And the director of Planned Parenthood says, “We haven’t done anything illegal.” I bet Adolf Hitler would have used the same argument.

Anyway, my point is simply this. Look to the heavens. Something big is about to happen. Be prepared. If you haven’t trusted Jesus as Lord and Savior of your life, do so now before it’s too late. If you have, stay strong and keep the faith. “Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves,” as Jesus said. Keep some cash on hand, stockpile a little food and water, and be ready. If nothing happens, you can be thankful that God has withheld His wrath a little while longer. But if it does happen, trust Him to see you through.

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