Timelines, Pt. 4 #TraditionallySouthside

The first 3 ½ years of the Tribulation will be bad, but those who suffer through it need to know that it is only going to get worse. Half of the world’s population – 3.65 billion people will already be dead, but many more will die. It is at this point that the Antichrist will reveal his true nature.

  • Mid-point breach of Peace Treaty with Israel. He will set up a throne in the temple and declare himself to be god. And then the Seventh Trumpet sounds unleashing a whole new series of judgments worse than the ones that preceded them during the second half of the tribulation. Revelation 13 tells us at this mid-point the Antichrist will be mortally wounded. He will die and lie in state briefly. Then Satan will literally indwell this dead body and imitate the resurrection of Jesus. The world will be amazed and most of those who weren’t committed to following the Antichrist will choose to do so now. For 3 ½ years, he will make war with the saints, those who have given their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ following the Rapture, and overcome them. And thus will begin
  • 3.5 Years of Great Tribulation – a time of extreme persecution of the Jewish people. And I think this happens because at that moment, they recognize who this man really is and they begin to turn to Jesus as their Messiah. In fact, Rev. 14 describes 144,000 Jewish men from every tribe of Israel who have the Father’s name written on their foreheads. V. 3 says they are redeemed from the earth. They will be untouchable by the Antichrist, holy men who will be used by God to reach the rest of the Jews in the world fulfilling the end time prophecy Paul quoted in Rom. 11:26 that says “all Israel will be saved.” But the worst is yet to come when God unleashes the Bowl Judgments of Rev. 16-19.
    • A plague of sores that only affect those with the mark of the Beast
    • The sea turns into blood killing all the remaining sea life
    • The rivers and springs of water turn into blood and there will be nothing to drink
    • The sun becomes incredibly hot and people are scorched with fire
    • Darkness falls on the throne of the Beast and his kingdom, and pain like they have never known afflicts their bodies
    • The Euphrates River dries up and 3 demonic spirits are released to deceive the world and gather up the armies for the Battle of Armageddon
    • The most violent earthquakes in history will be unleashed. Mountains will be flattened, and islands will disappear as hailstones the size of small cars fall on the earth.
Does all of this sound way too unbelievable? Believe it! It’s coming, and I believe it is coming soon!

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