Give It A Rest #TraditionallySouthside

Over the last several months, life has been extremely busy. Before we went to Nepal, I tried to make sure that everything that I needed to do was done. Since we have been back from Nepal, I feel like I am trying to play catch-up on everything. I’m not complaining. The work has been exhilarating and fulfilling. Between my position at the Moderator of Morgan Baptist Association and my calling to Southside Baptist Church, I have found my days extremely full and my abilities greatly tested. Over the last couple of weeks, every day has been filled from early morning until late at night.

I am not writing this so that you will feel sorry for me. I have enjoyed it. I am writing this because I am sitting at my kitchen table waiting until my doctor’s office opens so that I can try to make an appointment to see him — and I feel guilty for not going to work. My calendar is filled with meetings from 9 a.m. until late afternoon and another one this evening. I have canceled them all, and I feel guilty.

Do you want to know the irony involved here? I preached yesterday on the need for Sabbath — taking that day of rest each week to refocus, refuel, and refresh. So I guess that God is reminding me today that even pastors need to take a Sabbath, and sometimes that happens on a Monday. So God bless you all. I pray that you have a great exciting Monday. I am going to rest.

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