To Do or Not To Do! #TraditionallySouthside

Okay, folks. I’m doing a little survey here. I just read an article that said the reason that churches aren’t holding on to their visitors is that their follow-up is bad. The three words used to describe what most of us do? Inconsistent, irrelevant, and insufficient. Now, I would have to say that I agree with that statement – at least for our church. However, I am puzzled because I have read two very different articles on guest follow-up in recent days. One article said that many guests will not fill out the registration card because they don’t want to be inundated with material from the church, and they don’t want visits from anyone. The other article recommends that over a period of six weeks, we should send 7 e-mails, 4 texts, 1 letter, make one phone call, and deliver a coffee mug – not in that order.

What do you think? Is that too much? What about you? What would you want to happen if you visited our church for the first time? I’m going to cut this off here so that you can spend the time that you would have used to read this to do two things: answer the questions and share this on your social media. Please comment and I will post all that are appropriate. Thanks.

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