I Love Sundays! #TraditionallySouthside

I love Sundays! That has been the theme for the month of October at Southside Baptist Church. We have been focusing on the fact that Sundays can be the best day of our week. In fact, I believe that Sundays ought to be the best day of our week. You see, we have become so busy, running everywhere, doing everything. I cannot tell you how many senior adults that I speak to who say that even after they retired, their lives have become busier than ever before. There are so many opportunities, and we grab on to them all. And busy isn’t always better. We need a break, and that’s where Sundays fit in.

In the Old Testament, God prescribed a Sabbath rest. In fact, He modeled it for us when He rested on the seventh day following the creation of the universe. It wasn’t that He was tired or burned out. He was demonstrating for us that we desperately need to take a day to refresh, refocus, and refuel. From Friday at sundown until Saturday at sundown, the Jewish people were to cease all work and limit even their leisure activities so that they could focus on God. Sadly, the Jewish people carried it to great extremes, and then they added loopholes to get around the rules they had implemented. Even today in Israel, the Sabbath laws are enforced (to some degree) so that even the elevators are programmed to stop on every floor so that you don’t have to push a button.

I don’t think that was quite what God had intended. However, I also don’t think the way we treat the Sabbath concept is what God intended either. We have made it like almost any other day of the week except for those of us who attempt to squeeze in an hour or two of worship on our Sundays. We still find ourselves running like crazy doing everything we can to fill the day when God simply wants us to stop for a while. Rest. Refuel. Jesus made it clear in the New Testament that the Sabbath was made for us; we were not made for the Sabbath. What He was saying is that the Sabbath was for our benefit. We need it. However, as we usually do, we go to the extreme. All or nothing. Total rest or just another day.  There has to be that in-between where we find ourselves spiritually nourished and physically refreshed. A time of worship, a time of rest, and a time of relaxation where we enjoy our families and, in the process, reconnect with our purpose – loving God with all our hearts and loving our neighbors as ourselves.

Join us this Sunday for the final “I Love Sunday” message: How Sundays Changed the World!

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