Pick ’em While They’re Hot! #TraditionallySouthside

Ministry opportunities! Okay, bear with me for one more day. A couple of weeks ago, I read a comment that sparked a thought that generated an e-mail that resulted in ideas from the members of Southside Baptist Church.  Here is the idea and the e-mail:

I just read an interesting statement. Here it is: People will love your church if you love their community. 

What is the best way you can think of to love our community?  

The top ten ideas will receive your choice of an autographed 8X10 glossy photograph of Will Johnson, a CD of Bro. Ben’s top 100 sermons, or a Southside Baptist Church coffee mug. Winners will be chosen by the pastor.

I later added a CD of our instrumental offertories as one of the prizes. I will admit that no one has asked for the photograph or the sermon CD – I wonder why that might be? Hmmmm.

Well, anyway, I wanted to post the ideas that were sent in and inform those that participated that they were all eligible for the prize of their choice because they are all excellent ideas. Here is what I am now asking you to do. Would you read these, pick out your favorites, and let me know what they are? You can comment on the blog, or you can send me your choices by e-mail at ben@southsidebaptist.net. So here they are in the order in which they were received:

Sondra Lyons:

  • Have a Soup and dessert Dinner for the neighborhood. Maybe a few blocks at the time. Have some musical entertainment and a short devotional. We will need church members present to answer questions and “meet and greet.”

Sonya Hayes:

  • Have a love my community day by hosting pies on the porch, pies in the park or pies at the pavilion, the last one would great when they do music by the river.
  • To follow up on Sondra’s idea, do a soup supper at apartment complexes.
  • Have church members pack back packs before school starts and then the Saturday before school starts have a huge block party, advertise in the paper, and in the neighborhoods. Work with community agencies and give needy children vouchers to pick up back pack at the church that day.
  • One thing that we heard when we did the survey was more family events: movies, block parties. We have the big outside screen, we have funds to buy our own inflatables two or three of these, buy a popcorn machine, cotton candy machine we could use these in multiple communities.

Sharon Shirey:

  • Have more neighborhood events – block parties.
  • Start after school homework, tutoring.
  • Offer some Saturday DIY days where men from church teach neighborhood men how to ‘fix’ things.
  • Do a neighborhood survey to find out what people need or want that we can offer.

Scott Williams:

  • What about having a “Community Day” — publicized in advance — that announces the theme of “What is the best way we can love our community in the name of Jesus Christ?” Ask our community for the input, e.g., are there elderly or disabled that need help with meals, or transportation, or home visits, etc. We can have the banners that say “We love our community! Come to our Community Day to tell us how we can reach out, help, etc.”

Linda McKee:

  • Maybe a prayer box. Something outside and fairly prominent like a mailbox. People can put their requests for prayer in it and maybe our Sunday prayer warriors could pray for the requests on Sunday and we could add any that are in there on Wed. to our Wed. night prayer sheet.

Richard Batchelor

  • You could teach them free the Dave Ramsey course on how to manage money, budgeting, courses on good parenting skills, etc.
  • Teach them skills they need to work, how to live and act – cooking, sewing, parenting, saying no to drugs, etc.
  • Tutoring classes one afternoon or night a week to students.
  • Offering a yearly scholarship (tuition & books) to a needy high school graduate to Calhoun.
  • If you could identify the elderly with no family support perhaps we could trim overgrown trees or shrubbery on their lots occasionally starting with but not limited to our own members.
  • Also some handicapped members or residents could benefit from a simple inexpensive handrail.
  • Get a team wearing SBC logo, start at 11th St. and walk each street to the park on an occasional basis picking up trash in black garbage bags, inviting residents to church who ask what you are doing.

Sherry Bauersach

  • Being a good neighbor by showing kindness during difficult times – keeping lawn mowed and picking up trash.

Stephanie McGrew

  • Hot chocolate mix for area teachers
  • Praying for law enforcement and first responders and sending cards to them.

Sabrina Halbrooks

  • Share Jesus by meeting them where their needs lie—feed them, clothe them, get Southside’s name in the community as a church open to all.
  • Have a children’s area at 3rd Friday.
  • Make care bags for the cancer patients at Clearview.

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