Sundays with Nuts #TraditionallySouthside

My wife and I have the great pleasure of hosting our granddaughter, Hayes, for a couple of days. She spent the night with us last night, and as is to be expected, she stayed up late and got up early. We were sitting at the breakfast table eating our cereal – Hayes is a Fruit Loop girl, but that didn’t keep her for asking for three pieces of my chocolate from my Chocolatey Delight Special K. But I digress. As we were sitting there eating and talking, she saw our copy of “I Love Sundays,” the book that we as a church were reading together for the month of October’s theme. All of a sudden, Hayes said, “I Love Sundays.” I looked at her kind of surprised, but then noticed what she was reading. However, I almost spit out my cereal when she continued, “Is that like hot fudge sundaes?” But before I could say anything, she added, “Or is it like the day?”

It really was a funny moment, and if you didn’t laugh, well, then, I’m just sorry for you because it was one of those, “You had to be there” moments. Anyway, it started me to thinking. We say that we love Sundays, but I wonder if it isn’t more like, “I love Sundays, but I want it with hot fudge and whipped cream.” Do you like nuts on your sundae? Or maybe some other kind of topping? In other words, like the commercial says, we want to “have it our way.” Sundays are great as long as the pastor doesn’t go too long (sorry about that folks but sometimes it just happens). Or Sundays are great, but it has to be about a certain type of music. Or Sundays are great as long as I don’t have to do anything. Or Sundays are great if…. How would you complete that sentence? You see, if there is an “if” at the end of that statement for you, then chances are, Sundays aren’t all that great for you.

Why do I say that? Because our theme of “I Love Sundays” means that God intended for Sunday to be the best day of your week, but it only happens if you realize that is isn’t all about you. Did you hear me? Sundays are not all about you. Yes, it is a day that we set aside to refresh, refocus, and refuel, but the key to that is where you place your focus when you refocus. The Bible is filled with verse after verse that reminds us that worship is not about us – it’s about God. We are not the audience of worship. It isn’t about entertaining us. It’s about us “entertaining” God. Worship is about us demonstrating to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords how much we love Him. We do this through our praise, our prayers, and our preaching. Yes, we learn. Yes, He speaks to us. Yes, we are refreshed and refueled, but that only happens when we truly focus our worship on Him.

It’s true that we all worship differently, and it doesn’t matter what your style of worship might be as long as He is the target of your worship. I like everything from very traditional worship to outright contemporary worship with a sprinkling of liturgical worship thrown in for good measure. But I have found that when I make worship about me, I don’t worship. I don’t refresh. I don’t refuel. I simply go away saying, “Well, the music was good today.” Or “the preacher was right on target.” But when I have focused on me, I rarely say, “Wow, God really showed up today.”

So next time you start thinking about whether or not you like Sundays, try one with a little whipped cream and cherry on top – make it all about Him. Jesus. Abba Father. Yeshua. And the good news is that He loves Sundays with nuts (you and me).

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