Tough and Tender #TraditionallySouthside

There are only a handful of men that I have truly respected in my life. They aren’t sports-heroes. Most aren’t pastors though I do respect a couple of my contemporaries who have proven that they are true heroes of the faith. No, the men that I am talking about are Christians who understand what it means to make a commitment. They have this in common: they have loved their wives to the end, and by loved, I mean they took care of their every need even when it meant sacrificing themselves. Sadly, this is the exception today, not the norm, even though Paul tells us that we are to love our wives as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for us.

I say this today because I have the privilege to bury one of these wives who was loved unconditionally and exceptionally by her husband. That last night of her life, he walked her back to the bedroom, and tried to undress her to put on her night clothes, but she refused. Her Alzheimer’s made that happen more than once. In fact, the last two Sundays, she refused to let him dress her for church which was completely out of character, so he sat at home with her. But this night, he put her in bed – shoes, jacket, and all – and covered her up so that she could get warm. He came back in an hour to join her in the bed, and he prayed that God would give her rest. Sometime during the night, God answered his prayer — Mrs. Charlie Mills went home to be with the Lord. Tears were shed, and many more will be, but not because this precious man has any regrets and not because there is any weakness in him. Bro. George Mills is as tough as they come having survived as a German prisoner of war during World War II. What has always amazed me is how this man of steel could have such a tender heart. But I shouldn’t be amazed. That’s what true Christians are like: tough on the outside and tender on the inside.

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