Thank You! #TraditionallySouthside

What a weekend! The people of Southside Baptist Church showed up and showed out! We had people going above and beyond the call of duty all weekend long ministering in the name of Jesus, and this pastor is very proud. On Friday, as I posted, we had a funeral for a very dear lady, and as is our custom, we provide a meal for the family on that day either prior to the funeral or just after. The timing on this funeral made it impossible to do a meal before the service, so the meal had to take place afterwards. The problem is that almost all of our ladies were heavily involved in preparations for our “Ladies Night Out” program that took place Friday evening. The fellowship hall was already decorated. Our precious lady who heads up our meal program for the family was cooking for the ladies. But in a second, we had others volunteering to take up the slack, and this family experienced the ministry of a loving church.

Then the “Ladies Night Out” program was fantastic from the beautiful decorations to the excellent service provided by the men of the church to the delicious food. There were door prizes and an excellent program that touched the hearts of all the ladies present as well as some of us men who listened behind the scenes. I’m not going to mention any names, but for those of you who put this together, thank you for a job well done.

Capping off the weekend was a great day of worship as we truly kicked off our Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions. This offering is very important to our missions program as Southern Baptists because every penny of this offering makes its way to the missionaries on the field. Our WOM ladies baked cookies for the children to hand out to every person in attendance with a reminder to pray for our missionaries and give to our offering. Once again, thank you for a job well done. But the day started with 30 men gathering for our Brotherhood program featuring Bro. Kermit Tucker who is 100 years old. What an example as he challenged us to live the life of a Christian man. And the breakfast was delicious, too. Thanks, men!

Finally, our Senior Adult Choir joined the Senior Adult Choir at FBC Hartselle for a time of Christmas worship that touched our hearts. I told some of the ladies in the choir that at one point, I could close my eyes and imagine they were the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. What an amazing job! Thank you to Bro. Wayne Baggett and Bro. Charles Shaddix for leading these choirs. Thank you to Pastor Clayton Speed and the people of FBC Hartselle for hosting us so well. It was an amazing evening.

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