The Donald and other Election Matters #TraditionallySouthside

Someone posted on Facebook this morning that leap day and presidential elections happen in the same year. My first thought was, “And I only thought that election years were longer because of all the campaign commercials.” But alas, it is so. I am so tired of petty personalities debating endlessly about important issues but doing so by acting like children. Where are the statesmen of years gone by? Where is the dignity that we expect from those wanting to be president of this great nation? I suppose that with all the hoopla about “the Donald” coming to Madison yesterday, my mind has been focused on the political season. That and the fact that this weekend, I’ve gotten several questions about the upcoming election. I don’t mind talking about my politics, but even if I were not a pastor, I wouldn’t presume to tell anyone how they should vote. I do, however, stress the importance of praying for God’s guidance and following biblical principles when you go to the polls.

Now before I get into what God has placed on my heart, I want to stress one thing: I am not bragging about myself or my faith. I know this won’t make sense to you until you read the remainder of this post, but I will tell you that there are plenty of areas in my life where my faith is tested and I fail miserably, but there are two things that I have held to all my life: God is in control, and all things work together for our good.

Let me tell you what I mean. Years ago when Sonya was having lots of health issues, the doctors used the “c” word, and while I was concerned, I was never anxious about our future. Two years ago, when Lucy was born and we almost lost her, I was concerned but I never lost faith. Last Tuesday, as the tornado came over us in Pensacola, I had a sense of calm. There was no fear in my heart. I knew that God was in control. I could give you a list of dozens of instances where I have known the peace that only God can bring in the midst of terrible storms both physical and spiritual. But in this political season, I have no peace.

Let me explain. I still believe that God is in control. And I still believe that all things work together for our good, but we have to remember what that means. All things working together for our good doesn’t mean that all things that happen are good. Sometimes bad things happen and God takes those and uses them for our good. And sometimes the fact that God is in control should scare us to death because, quite honestly, we deserve the bad things that happen. Think about it. Biblically, the picture is clear. God being in control led to the flood of Noah’s day. Judgment fell. God being in control led to the deaths of thousands of Israelites in the wilderness. Judgment fell. God being in control led to the destruction of Jerusalem and the Exile to Babylon. Judgment fell. God being in control led to the destruction of Jerusalem again under the Roman occupation. Judgment fell.

Read this carefully. I fully believe that America is going to get the president that we deserve, and that is not a good thing. Why is this happening? It is happening because we, the church – the body of Christ, have failed in our mission to be the salt and the light. For too long we have allowed sin to run rampant in our nation without standing up and shouting to the world that judgment is coming. For too long, we have turned a blind eye to the abortion industry and we have even voted for candidates who were pro-abortion simply because we like the other things they stand for. We have used excuses like, “They have no chance of winning, so I’m voting for the lesser of two evils.” Listen to me. If we as Christians had prayed and obeyed God as He led us to the right leaders, we wouldn’t be in this mess. If the Christian population – and I’m not talking about church-goers but true Christians – would rise up and vote en masse, there is nothing that we couldn’t get passed and no one we couldn’t get elected.

But I fear that it may be too late for the United States of America. I sense in my spirit that not only is God in control even in this election, but that control means that judgment is coming. I believe that God is sending a spirit of delusion among us, convincing many to vote for the absolute worst candidate. I have to believe this because I cannot believe that the American people are so blind or ignorant on their own that they are choosing the candidates. I believe that God is in control, and our only hope is to follow His prescription for healing. “If my people, which are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sins, and I will heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Until we as the body of Christ are willing to do this, and until God sees fit to heal our land, will you join me in making a commitment to praying everyday until the election about the candidate God would have you to vote for. And that means when you go to the primary election, you vote as God leads regardless of whether you believe that candidate has a chance or not because “with God, all things are possible.”

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