God Is Up To Something #TraditionallySouthside

I was contemplating my calendar today. Typically, the summer months in a church tend to slow down. I know that there are several churches in our city that cut back the number of worship services and regular activities until school starts back. That doesn’t happen at Southside, and as I look through my calendar, I have to admit, things have been hopping all summer. That may explain why I haven’t blogged in 3 weeks. Now, I will admit that there was some vacation time taken and some moments where I had time to write but decided that I would rather watch a little television.

But in all honesty, the past couple of months have been filled with ministry and worship and exciting things happening. God is blessing us with growth in both numerical and spiritual areas. Attendance is up. People are joining. Baptisms are happening. And people seem to be excited about church. For example, we had an amazing time in Bible Study and prayer meeting last night. We spent almost 15 minutes sharing testimonies and blessings. I spent about 30 minutes teaching out of 2 Samuel, and when we tried to move to our prayer time, we ended up discussing the spiritual needs of our church and our nation. I told everyone that if they needed to leave before we were finished to feel free to do so, but no one left. Even after we prayed, people stayed around to talk and fellowship for at least another 20 minutes. I keep telling our people at Southside that God is up to something, and I truly believe that He is. Last Sunday, we had four adults to join our church. This Sunday, we will baptize three children and one youth. Last night, we had so many children that we had to call in reinforcements, and what a joy it was to listen to our youth in their area praising the Lord. Yes, God is up to something, and I can’t wait to see what He does.

Well, I started out by talking about my calendar. Let me conclude by talking about some upcoming events that I am extremely excited about. On August 12 & 13, we will be using Dr. Claude King’s material for a “Prayer Boot Camp.” We are going to be spending almost 8 hours over a two day period on an intensive study and practice of prayer. These will be our objectives:

 Basic Training in prayer where you will:

  • Experience praying together with others and with some who are more experienced prayer warriors
  • Experience and practice 4 Kinds of Prayer
  • Identify and avoid 10 locks that hinder prayer
  • Identify and utilize 10 keys to effective prayer
  • Identify and utilize the weapons of our warfare
  • Develop a plan for strategic and spontaneous prayer for ourselves and others

So far, we have 22 people signed up. We have room for more. If you are interested, reply to this blogpost or send me an e-mail at ben@southsidebaptist.net. Maybe this is where we will hear from God and understand exactly what He is up to at Southside Baptist Church.

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