Normal Is Just a Setting On Our Dryer #TraditionallySouthside

Normal is just a setting on our dryer. My wife always says that around our house because I’m not sure there is such a thing as normal around here. We are always talking about how we can’t wait till things get back to normal. We would sure love to find a routine of some kind. We’ve been saying that ever since we moved to Decatur nine years ago next month. And I’ve got to tell you that lately, nothing has been normal. Our foundation broke. That’s right. The back half of our house was about an inch lower than the front half of our house. I thought about just letting it go and seeing if it would eventually turn into a split level, but the guys who are experts said it didn’t work like that. I asked if they were sure, and they said they were, so we hired them to fix it. They are just about finished with the repairs, so we are just about back to “normal.” Riiiiiight! We now have several inches of clay that used to be underground spread out on top of the ground on three sides of our house. At least they have planted grass seed and covered it with hay, but I have a feeling that it’s going to look like this until late Spring.

So maybe that’s going to be the new normal around here for the next few months, and that’s okay. I can get used to the new normal. I especially like the new normal as it relates to what has been going on at Southside lately. People have been excited about sharing their testimony. People have been concerned about lost family members, friends, and neighbors. I believe this is a direct result of our seven-week long evangelism revival called Every Believer a Witness where I taught about witnessing through our testimony, through thanksgiving, and through the use of tracts. We have seen people excited about doing what Jesus commanded us to do – sharing the gospel.

So I was thinking that we should take this to the next level. Jesus modeled love through service. He took up the towel and washed His disciples’ feet. He went to the cross to demonstrate His love. I think that one of the greatest ways that we can prove to the world that the gospel is true is if we take up the towel as well. So I have challenged our people to spend the next 90 days focusing on serving others for two hours a week. Just two hours a week. We can start inside the church by ministering to our homebound members. Make a visit. Or a phone call. Let’s take care of our senior adults. We can help winterize their homes. Write some encouraging letters or send a card. Volunteer in the associational office or in the thrift store. Then maybe we can move out into some of our community ministry organizations. Help out in the soup kitchen. Or rake some leaves in the neighborhoods. There are so many ways that we can demonstrate Christ’s love by taking up the towel or a rake or a paintbrush or a hammer or any of a number of tools that could make a difference in the life of a family or a single mother. Jesus said something as simple as a cup of water offered in His name would receive a prophet’s reward. And maybe, if we would do this for 90 days, we would be filled with such joy and excitement that this would become the new normal which is really the old normal – what was naturally expected of the New Testament church.

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