The Road to Revival (Pt. 1) @SSPreacherman

Over the next few weeks, I am going to take a break from what I have been doing with my blog to examine the Scripture in preparation for our revival services at Southside Baptist Church. My hope is that we will have more than just a few services from which we will walk away saying we had revival services. My prayer is that God will do a mighty work in our hearts and lives, but for that to happen, we must prepare ourselves. So, I want to begin by looking at several chapters in the book of 2 Chronicles that deal with one of the greatest national revivals in the history of God’s people. We talk a great deal about wanting revival and about needing revival. But I knew a lady who once said that she feared to pray for a great awakening because in the Bible, national revival seems to be a prelude for coming judgment. There is evidence to support her belief, but isn’t it better to have revival followed by judgment than to have judgment without revival preparation?  That is why we are going to look at what we must do as a church, as individuals, and as a nation to experience revival. I want us to be ready.

People often pray for a willingness to do whatever it takes for revival to begin in themselves. What does that really mean when you pray those words? Are you saying, “Lord, strike me down in some sort of way; Lord, give me a vivid emotional experience so that I may feel wonderfully exalted and worked up; and by this know I am being revived?” If so, what you are praying for is emotionalism, not revival. Listen, if revival is going to begin in me, if it is going to begin in you, it is going to begin with a Recognition of Our Condition. That is the first step on the pathway to revival. (Note that I am making an assumption here. There can be no revival unless you are first of all born again. Unless there has been a true conversion experience at some point in your life, you cannot be revived, so please take care to be sure that you are first saved as you look to recognize your condition.) Recognition requires a self‑examination in the presence of God; only that is going to lead us to look back over our lives, to examine ourselves and honestly answer some questions in the presence of God: “Have I really been living a yielded life? Have I been living so that my life has been a testimony for Christ?” And then, if revival is going to begin, if the Holy Spirit shows you that you are not living as you should, there must be a brokenness, contrition, repentance, and confession. In other words, for revival to begin, we must get down before the Lord to confess our failures and put right things that have been wrong.

These are the lessons we learn from 2 Chronicles 29:1-36. Ahaz, one of the more wicked kings in Judah, had defiled the sacred furnishings and closed the Temple in Jerusalem. The people no longer met for worship. Grass grew up in the courtyard. The Temple literally was falling apart. Listen, my friends, when God’s people stop worshiping properly, they stop praying properly. When people stop praying properly, their hearts and lives become as polluted and defiled as the temple was. Sin takes over when no confession is made. Our relationship with God and with one another is damaged. It doesn’t take long before we revert back to our natural selves: without Christ’s presence, carnal, lonely and miserable. When that happens, the only solution is a re-commitment and renewal of worship. Only then can prayers rise again. Only then can we feel the lines of communication open and experience the presence and power of God in our lives.

Look at what Hezekiah did when he became King. He went to the temple and saw its condition. He saw the disrepair. He saw the filth and the trash that had accumulated over the years. And when He did, he knew how it happened. He looked back over the years and saw what evil his fathers had done. He examined the history and saw that those before him had forsaken God. They had closed the doors and put out the lamps. They stopped bringing their offerings to the altar of sacrifice. And God’s anger had come upon them. Many had faced God’s wrath and been destroyed. Hezekiah realized that the first step in the pathway to revival is recognition of our condition. My friends, in this process,  contemplation is vital. I love the word contemplation. It means “concentration on spiritual things as a form of private devotion.”

The New Testament says that our body is the Temple of God. We need to do today as Hezekiah did. We need this concentration on spiritual things; we need to examine our Temple, our lives. We need to think back over our actions in the past. Too many Christians have closed the doors of prayer in their hearts. The lamps of testimony are unlit. Our offerings of self‑sacrifice have been neglected. The result is that the temple of our hearts has grown cold and hard. The result is that we have no joy. We cannot sing praise to God. There is no delight in Him or in His service. If that is your situation, then your temple needs renovation. Your heart requires a thorough cleansing. But you will never know this until you examine your life. Contemplation is vital.

Think back over your actions of the past week, the past month, the past year. Imagine that if at any time during this period the Lord Jesus had physically come to you, saw anything that you were doing, would you have been satisfied? The first step in the pathway to personal revival is self‑examination. So, spend some time today examining yourself through the power of the Holy Spirit. Remember, there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, but we must allow the Holy Spirit to shine the light of conviction into our lives so that we might confess and repent of our sins.

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