The Road to Revival (Pt. 3) @SSPreacherman

Our third step on the road to revival is the Restoration of Our Connection with God through a right relationship. Bahkt Singh, an evangelist in India, once told of a man who had come to his room for Bible Study. During the entire time, he sat staring at the electric light bulb that hung from an cord in the ceiling. He had never seen anything like it. After the meeting, the man requested to borrow the bulb. Bahkt Singh granted the request, but days later, the man returned, downcast, because the new bulb was worthless. Bahkt Singh went to investigate why the bulb would not light. The answer was obvious. The innocent man had taken the bulb and tied it with a piece of string to his ceiling. He had no electric power in his house. The bulb had no power supply. My friend, the light bulb for Christians is faith. God is the power supply. The problem is that our connection to the power supply is hindered because of our sin. As Christians, our salvation is secure; however, our fellowship is broken when there is unconfessed sin in our lives. Trying to serve God and do His will when we are living in the flesh is like trying to power a light bulb with a piece of string.

In 2 Chronicles 29:16, the priests went in as Hezekiah had ordered to cleanse the Temple. For 16 days, the Levites carried out the filth, the impurities that had polluted the sacred place. For sixteen days, they worked to cleanse the Temple and make it right before God. He knew that there was no hope to restore the connection with God as long as as the Temple was unused and unusable. If you hope to experience revival in your life, you are going to need to clean out the filth. Get honest with God. Ask Him to reveal to you the unconfessed sin in your life – but be prepared for Him to do what you ask. Then, as the Holy Spirit shows you the sin in your life and all that is opposed to God’s holiness, you must confess and repent each and every sin. Specifically. That means you agree with God that these actions and inactions are sin and must be forsaken. Only then is Cleansing initiated. All that is contrary to Christ, must be gotten rid of — no matter how long it takes. Take out the uncleanness found through self‑examination and prayer. Clean out the accumulation from years of neglect. Confess and renounce your sin. That means that you are making a commitment, with God’s help, never to commit that sin again. What a thrill it must be to the Father to hear His children say that they want to be holy as He is holy.

But beware. Sometimes God requires us to do more than just confess and repent of our sins. Sometimes we must go to those individuals that have been affected by our sins and ask for forgiveness. There may be times that God requires that we make restitution for our sin. Whatever the Holy Spirit asks of us, we must do or we risk quenching the Spirit, and quenching the Spirit will always stop the process of revival in its tracks. We must remember that disobedience always breaks the heart of God.

Sadly, too often Christians try hard to ignore sin in their lives. They hide it, push it down, and try to pretend it isn’t there. But it is. And it festers and boils until it explodes causing harm to them and very often the body of Christ. That is why it is imperative that while we are on this road to revival that we open our lives to God and allow His Holy Spirit to make us clean. Anger, bitterness, hostility, hatred – all of these sinful behaviors must be done away with. Impure thoughts must be confessed and cleansed. Broken relationships must be healed. Old wounds must be forgiven before personal revival can begin. My friend, when we do these things, revival is on the way. Revival for you, for me, for our church, for our world.


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