The Road to Revival (Pt. 4) @SSPreacherman

In the closing verses of 2 Chronicles 29, we see that renewed commitment to God and a restored connection with God evidences itself in renewed worship. It is the fourth step on the pathway to revival: the Rejoicing of Our Congregation. Look at what happened to God’s people:

  • They came together to worship through public cleansing rituals. They offered sacrifices for their sins. I have always been amazed at the willingness of the Jewish people to publicly confess their sins. That is so foreign to us, but James 5:16 says that we are to confess our sins one to another. I know that this verse speaks to specific circumstances, but I believe that it’s a sign of God’s presence when we have enough confidence to confess our failures to one another. You may wonder why I include this in the rejoicing part of this journey. It is because there is something about this exercise that releases us so that we can celebrate with our brothers and sisters when it is done.
  • Following the cathartic experience that undoubtedly released the power of God’s Spirit into the hearts and lives of His people, they worshiped through music. For hours, the people bowed down before God praising and praying as the music played. When revival comes, celebration is inextinguishable. Listen, I think sometimes we need to get down on our faces before God, laying our entire selves on the altar, at the feet of Jesus to do with as He chooses. To be serious and somber and to allow the Holy Spirit to move in our hearts to cleanse and change us. But once that process is over, then we celebrate.
  • Then the people worshiped through giving. They gave so many offerings that the priests couldn’t handle them all. I don’t know a church who wouldn’t get excited about this part of revival. My friend, when revival takes place, our spirits desire to give everything to God knowing that He will supply all our need.
  • Finally at the close of the service that had lasted for hours, the people rejoiced at what God had done. I’ve been there. I’ve done that. When I was a youth, our church experienced this kind of revival. Hours seem like minutes. No one wants to leave because the presence and the power of God is there. It’s palpable. And no one complains about how long the preacher preaches or how long the invitation goes. It’s amazing.

But we have to understand that revival doesn’t begin in a place. It doesn’t begin with a ritual. It doesn’t begin because we follow a set of directions. It begins in your heart. It begins in your prayer closet all alone, but it culminates in exciting worship together as the community of Christ celebrating the victory that is ours.

Let me close this week’s blog, The Road to Revival, with the lyrics to Kari Jobe’s new song, Let Your Glory Fall. Make it your prayer today. Here is a link to listen to her sing the song:

A longing stirs in my soul
Draws me near
Calls me close
Deeper into this love
That won’t run out
Won’t dry up
Oh, let it rain
Oh, let it rain

Only now will I come
Before your throne, holy one
By your thunderous grace
Spirit flood, come flood this place
Oh, let it rain
Oh, let it rain

Let your glory fall
Overwhelm my soul
Let your presence flood my life, oh lord

Deep is calling to deep
Revivals tide, breaking free
Jesus reign in this place
Thirsty we cry, heaven in vain

Let your glory fall
Overwhelm my soul
Let your presence flood my life, oh Lord

Break upon me now
Let your love crash down
Let your glory fall
Let your glory fall

Oh, let it rain
Oh, let rain
Oh, let it rain
Oh, let it rain
Oh, let…

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